We   transform  and   automate  business / industry  to  meet  the  contemporary   world challenges through automation using our high-tech hardware and software platforms. Our products are specially designed to integrate devices onto various online (on grid servers, cloud etc ) and offline platforms, which enables our customers to  reduce  the  cost   and  efforts,  provide   efficient   monitoring  &  control  and  increasing  the productivity  of  their  business. We provide services for IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Applications & Services, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Automation using cloud or standalone servers. We also provide services to manage your operations in a more efficient way. 

Our  main  focus  are  solutions  based  on  connectivity  and automation of large and  small  industries,  transportation  businesses and Retail / Wholesale sellers,  providing them with data visualization, remote monitoring, inventory control and asset tracking.

Our state of the art solutions which consists of combination of quality hardware and software modules specifically designed to fit in various business environments. These platforms can provide connectivity for cloud and standalone systems for both mobile and fixed applications. 

Our partnerships with best vendors for sensors and cloud service providers gives our customer an advantage to select whole package on competitive price that suits both their functional and financial needs in the form of one window operation.  


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