At i-Technix, we are committed to provide you variety of services and solutions in IT, IoT, Telecommunication and Automation.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are built to transform your business digitally by apply sensors and controller devices with the existing and new equipment and gives you real time control and data monitoring. We provide automation in all fields of industry and corporate facilities keeping in mind the needs and problems of our customers. Our Solution provide connectivity, control and monitoring of smart grid, virtual power plants, intelligent transportation and smart facilities.



Customized cloud applications are an essential part of our offerings with IoT and Big Data. Our cloud applications development team provides tailor made solutions to address the requirements of our customers with the quality and precision they want. We are partnered with some of the best cloud services providers to form a package of applications and services that suits your requirements as well as budget.



Our solutions for data analytics and visualization provides excellent platform to gather data from field sensors, process it and show results in a presentable form required for various type of monitoring and decision making processes. Our expertise in Big Data is helping our customers not only automating their processes in industry and corporate sectors, but also provides them efficient means to take management decision for various purposes.



Our state of the art hardware and software platforms which consists of combination of various controllers, field actuators, sensors and SCADA solutions carefully grouped to fit in different business environments as per the requirement. These platforms can provide connectivity for cloud and standalone systems for both mobile and fixed applications.



Telemetry has become an essential part of our routine life. In current age of digitalization, our industry and society needs to employ different methods to remotely monitor and control different resources and applications. We provide latest high-tech solutions that can fulfill your command and control requirements at an affordable cost.